Along with a bottle of wine to give as a gift, bring your own fakies. Motto, Spindrift or any number of nonalcoholic beers will do the trick. On that note, if you expect the party to get loud, tell your neighbours ahead of time. Whereas chemical sunscreens only block UVB rays (which cause burning) but not UVA rays (which cause the deeper damage linked to photo-aging and skin cancer).

Or try your hand at some fancy summery mixed-drink mocktails. When the time comes to start putting together a dinner plate you will know that you can count on your dish to help keep a good balance of proteins, carbs, veggies, and fats. And everyone knows that despite the fact the legal drinking age is twenty one, even the most responsible families let their teenagers have the occasional beer. To survive these summer events with your sobriety intact, the first thing to remember is that not everyone knows your story. They don’t know you’ve been in treatment – they probably didn’t know you had a drinking problem in the first place. What this means is they don’t know how important it is for you to get through the day without drinking.

Watermelon Recipes For Summer

It’s very easy to smear BBQ sauce on some chicken or ribs without truly knowing the impact it will have on your overall eating day. Mustard is a good choice for condiment as it’s one of the better, healthier options. Hibiscus tea is naturally sweet, a gorgeous hot pink color that screams “SUMMER!

What flies in North Carolina won’t look even remotely familiar in Texas, where beef brisket is usually slow-cooking on the grill. Once you have the method down, you can apply it to any burger recipe, including vegetarian black bean burgers and mushroom veggie burgers. Cream-based dressings, ketchup, mayo and classic barbecue sauces are chocked full of carbs and fat. Stick to mustards, low-calorie hot sauce and reduced sugar ketchup for your meats. Dress up salads with lemon, apple cider or balsamic vinegar.

Drinking your calories away..

Puree a variety of fresh fruits — berries, peaches, and watermelon work great — and set them out with a pitcher of seltzer for a DIY spritzer bar. Include citrus slices , as well as herbs like basil and mint for garnish. Try your hand athomemade potato chips,homemade pretzels,honey roasted peanuts, or evensweet potato chips. For some extra-summery vibes, garnish with juicy orange slices. Pair charred, juicy lamb on skewers with the freshness and crunch of garden vegetables in a pickled dressing.

This BBQ season, consider saying bye-bye to canned baked beans — for your taste buds and health. “Swap baked beans for a three-bean salad made with garbanzo how to survive summer parties and boozy bbqs beans, black beans, and red beans,” says Michalczyk. “These are all great plant-based sources of protein and fiber, too.” Typical baked beans have 22 g of sugar per cup, according to the USDA.

Healthy veggie platter

For more sustainable barbecue options, have a look at our vegan and vegetarian burgers. For more tasty skewers, souvlaki and kebabs to cook over the coals, check out our barbecue skewers recipes. I’m certainly not here how to survive summer parties and boozy bbqs to convince you that hotdogs and brownies are tickets to feeling fit, but still, I don’t know why barbeques rattle so many of my food-conscious clients. After all, there are far worse food scenarios than grilling.

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